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Leaving the "old school" and going digital this year?
- A guide for transition going from Paper Work to Digitization and Processing daily amusement park safety, maintenance and operations activities.

02 As a result of participating, individuals will learn:
- The best advice for the implementation of digital inspections of mechanical attractions, ensuring that the process of implementing the digital tool is successful and increasing the productivity of the activities of inspection, detection and the solution of deviations.

03 As a result of participating, individuals will explore / understand:
- The best tips for digital inspection setups, providing participants with a practical guide to identify and consider main steps and required items. Digital Inspection does not mean replacing the Old School with Smart phones cameras and fancy apps.

04 As a result of participating, individuals will:
- Be able to conduct the successful implementation of digital inspections once they get back to their own amusement parks. As an Operations or Maintenance Manager, she/he will lead the Project from the proposal stage through to final start up.

05 Session Description
- The presentation will include an introduction to digital inspections in the field of amusement park applications. Term definitions for Digital, Cloud, Dashboard, Online Maintainer, Off Wi-Fi, QR Code and Pictures Patterns will be explained using a given scenario in which all participants will be prompted to create a Digital Checklist and see how well it works.
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