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Instructor Name: Bob Minnick
Company: RFM Consultants, LLC
Bio: Robert F. Minnick, PE, CSP   Over forty years of experience, including two years overseas, in various technical leadership roles.  Bob spent the last sixteen years working with the Walt Disney Company learning Disney’s world class customer service culture, safety culture, and attention to detail in making dreams come true.   Bob is currently President of RFM Consultants, LLC, a Florida based consulting company that provides consulting services, keynote speaking and seminars on how to use a structured approach to safety to get results. RFM Consulting also provides services to improve the customer experience for persons with disabilities by helping clients eliminate barriers to great guest service based on the Disney model.   Previously, Bob was Technical Director, Facility Safety and Accessibility for all of Disney’s Parks and Resorts.  The scope of work involves ensuring all Disney’s hotels, attractions, entertainment venues, and properties world-wide comply with unique Disney safety standards and are accessible for guests with disabilities.  Bob’s team innovated award winning ways to permit guests using wheelchairs to board ride vehicles where ride dynamics allow.  Early 2001, Bob’s team introduced an award winning technology called handheld captioning for guests with hearing disabilities.   Bob’s facility safety team performed incident analysis and studied industry trends to identify and institutionalize safety improvements throughout Disney’s worldwide parks and resorts.  The key to success for Disney’s excellent ride safety program is their use of a structured process called performance alignment.   Bob applied the ride safety model to facility life safety initiates.  For example, Bob lead Disney’s program to improve emergency response for sudden cardiac arrest that has saved 138 lives worldwide since it was implemented.    Bob is active in the amusement industry, a member of International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), the International Amusement Legal Defense Association (IALDA),  and is an active member of ASTM F-13 and F-24 committees.   Degrees/credentials: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University. Master of Business Administration, Rochester Institute of Technology. Licensed Professional Engineer in Florida and New York Certified Safety Professional body { background: #FFF; } body { background: #FFF; }
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