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Instructor Name: Brad Nesland
Company: Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom
Bio: I have been involved in the amusement park industry since 1976.  I have worked in all aspects of ride maintenance in a fixed park setting.  My back ground covers mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatics.  I am also involved in the erection of new rides along with relocation rides from one park to another.  I was appointed to the Ride Safety Advisory board of Pennsylvania in 2013.  I have attained a level III NAARSO inspector’s certification and am current on that level.  In the past I have attained an AIMS level 2 maintenance and also a California QSI ride inspector’s certification.  I also hold a current Pennsylvania General Class 2 inspector’s certification.  I hold a current NAARSO instructor’s endorsement.  I have taught for NAARSO, AIMS, and the State of Pennsylvania on various subjects. body { background: #FFF; } body { background: #FFF; }
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