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Instructor Name: Douglas Smith
Company: Walt Disney World Co
Bio: Cast Member Walt Disney World December 2006 Present Guest relations merchandise host. Utilizing position independently in a line of business systems and procedures automation analysis for my personal professional development education. Electronic Delivery Systems Architect ITI November 1982 May 2000 Designed and managed development of the "ATTACH Electronic Delivery System". The system design permitted programmers of limited "network interchange" experience to rapidly adapt the financial institution's core accounting monetary authorization process to the 'yet to be established' standards for financial interchange transaction formats and the required authorization protocols. ATTACHs unique development design actually 'generated' source code taliored to the requirements of the financial institution's interchange network and device (ATMs) and compiled/linked it into the object-code executable required to drive their unique network. Although designed and developed over 26 years ago, ATTACH is what today's system developers refer to as an "object oriented" system. ATTACH is still in use at over 24 sites performing core processing for over 45 financial institutions.
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