The AIMS International Safety Award is presented annually to the individual or organization that demonstrates leadership, innovation, and foresight in improving safety in the amusement industry. With safety as the industry’s #1 concern for amusement industry guests and employees worldwide, efforts in improving safety are shown in many forms: the design and implementation of new products and technology, the development of safety education programs and training, and by exemplary leadership in influencing others.

Nominations for the AIMS Safety Award can be submitted by individuals within the amusement industry. The winner will be selected by a vote of AIMS International’s board of directors and the award will be presented during the 2018 Golden Ticket Awards at Silver Dollar City, in Branson, MO.

The deadline for nomination is Friday, July 6, 2018

Send nomination form and supporting documents to:
Email:  info@aimsintl.org  
Fax: 714.276.9666
Mail: AIMS International, PO Box 92366, Nashville, TN 37209

Please see the attached nomination form for details

Download the AIMS International Safety Award Nomination Form in Adobe Acrobat format here


Vekoma Rides’, Har Kupers was presented with the 2017 AIMS International Safety Award during the Golden Ticket Awards held Saturday, September 9, at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. He was selected in recognition of his work in the development and support of EN, ISO, and ASTM Safety Standards. He is also renowned for his amusement ride design and engineering expertise and is one of the foremost authorities on ride dynamics and guest safety.

Harold Hudson was presented with the first AIMS International Safety Award during the Golden Ticket Awards held Saturday, September 10, 2016 at Cedar Point.

He was selected in recognition of his long held passion and advocacy for safety in the amusement industry throughout his career with Six Flags as well as in his work with ASTM in developing safety standards.

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